Pisgah Forest, NC

Spiritual Ministry

At the heart of our ministry is a deep commitment to guiding and nurturing the men in our program in their spiritual walk with Jesus Christ. We recognize that true healing and transformation often begin with spiritual renewal, and our aim is to provide a supportive environment where this can flourish.

Our approach to spiritual guidance is holistic and personalized, respecting each individual’s journey and background. We offer regular Bible studies, prayer meetings, and worship services that allow the men to explore their faith, ask questions, and find solace in the teachings of Christ. These gatherings are more than religious rituals; they are opportunities for deep reflection, genuine connection with God, and the discovery of spiritual truths that resonate with their personal experiences.

Mentorship is a key component of our spiritual guidance. Experienced mentors, who often have walked similar paths, provide one-on-one support, encouraging the men to cultivate a relationship with Jesus Christ. These mentors offer wisdom, understanding, and accountability, helping them navigate the challenges of their spiritual journey.

We also encourage practical application of faith principles in daily life. This includes learning to live out values like forgiveness, compassion, and integrity, which are central to Christian teachings. By integrating these principles, the men in our program can experience transformation not only in their spiritual lives but in all aspects of their being.

The spiritual growth of these men is celebrated and supported within our community, recognizing that every step closer to Christ is a step towards lasting change. Our ministry believes that a strong spiritual foundation is essential for overcoming life’s challenges and is committed to leading these men towards a deeper, more meaningful relationship with Jesus Christ, one that empowers and sustains them in their journey towards recovery and beyond.

Lives Touched

"People don't realize how hard the struggle with addiction can be especially with all the judgment. Thank you for all you do and for all your strength, time, and patience!"
Breeana Hackett
Breeana Hackett
“Grateful for all you guys are doing for veterans. Never Quit!”
Paul E. Gregg III
"They really touched my soul! Thank you Met by Love Ministries!"
Kelsie Joanna Johnson
Kelsie Joanna Johnson