Pisgah Forest, NC

Homeless Ministry

Our ministry’s outreach to the homeless stands as a beacon of compassion and hope, reflecting our deep commitment to care for the most vulnerable in our society. We recognize that homelessness is not just a lack of shelter, but often a result of various complex challenges, including financial hardship, health issues, and social isolation. Guided by a spirit of unconditional love and service, our ministry extends a helping hand to those who find themselves without a home.

Our approach is holistic, addressing not only the immediate needs for food and shelter but also focusing on long-term support and empowerment. We offer nourishing meals and safe havens, providing a respite from the hardships of the streets. Beyond these basic necessities, our dedicated team engages with the homeless community, offering counseling, healthcare services, and assistance in accessing social support systems.

The heart of our ministry lies in the belief that every person deserves respect, care, and the opportunity to rebuild their lives. Through our outreach, we aim not only to meet physical needs but also to offer emotional and spiritual support, creating pathways out of homelessness and into a brighter, more stable future. Our engagement with the homeless is a vital part of our mission, reflecting our commitment to serve as the hands and feet of love and compassion in our community.

Lives Touched

"People don't realize how hard the struggle with addiction can be especially with all the judgment. Thank you for all you do and for all your strength, time, and patience!"
Breeana Hackett
Breeana Hackett
“Grateful for all you guys are doing for veterans. Never Quit!”
Paul E. Gregg III
"They really touched my soul! Thank you Met by Love Ministries!"
Kelsie Joanna Johnson
Kelsie Joanna Johnson